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Curing of social anxiety, elevated blood pressure, angina and heart rhythm disturbances may be successfully carried out due to Inderal (generic Propranolol). This remedy shows efficiency in protecting from heart attacks, strokes and other issues connected with blood circulation. Taking control of such states cannot wait. That’s why our drugstore offers to buy Inderal online even without prescription.

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Lack of time for making an appointment and visiting your healthcare provider to get a prescription shouldn’t become an obstacle on your way to a healthy life. At Inderal online pharmacy, we provide our clients with a possibility to consult a medical specialist online. He will listen carefully to your complaints and confirm the diagnosis. After that, you get an online prescription and the only thing left is to wait for delivery. The whole process is very fast and simple as you can get the preparation without leaving the house.

We highly appreciate the trust of our customers. That’s why we sell only top-quality remedies not forgetting about reasonable prices. More facts about Inderal may be found at https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-6840/inderal-oral/details and https://www.drugs.com/inderal.html.

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Inderal Pills Information

Inderal is a β-blocker. It blocks binding of epinephrine to the β-receptors thus lowering and normalizing the load on heart, its rhythm and decreasing the blood pressure.


  • In case you have ever experienced reactions of hypersensitivity to any active or inactive component of the preparation or any other beta-blocker, don’t take it;
  • Individuals suffering from asthma, bronchitis or some other breathing troubles should inform their doctor as they may need special attention;
  • Ailments making the heart rhythm too slow (like sinus bradycardia or atrioventricular block);
  • Serious kidney or liver afflictions;
  • Hyperthyroidism (overly active thyroid gland);
  • Cut back on alcohol-containing beverages as the concentration of Inderal in blood may get too high;
  • Avoid abrupt movements when rising from horizontal position. You may feel faintness and accidentally fall.

You should never begin the intake of Inderal without consulting a medical professional. You can check more about precautions to the remedy if you visit https://www.nps.org.au/medical-info/medicine-finder/inderal-tablets

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What is a Proper Dose?

The tactics of curing are completely dependent on the ailment one needs to manage. Hypertensive patients are usually recommended 40mg of preparation two times daily at the initial stages of the therapy. Gradually the dosage may be raised to 120-240mg or, in difficult cases, up to 640mg a day. Based on the efficiency of each pill intake, the daily quantity of medication may be divided into two or three intakes.

If used for angina, 80-320mg of Inderal, which is a daily dose, should be taken from two to four times each day. For averting repeated heart attacks, the initial dose of remedy is 40mg three times a day. Over 30 days the dosing regimen may be changed to 60mg and then to 80mg with the same frequency of intake.

40mg to 120 mg Inderal is the daily dose for heart rhythm changes, which should be divided into 3 or 4 intakes. A migraine is treated with 80mg pills taken 2-3 times a day.

You cannot titrate the dose of medication without doctor’s advice. Only medical professional can set the correct dosing regimen. Every patient should strictly follow his doctor’s instructions and make any changes only with his agreement. Withdrawal from Inderal pills should be gradual to avoid any life-threatening conditions. Those, who seek for more dose information may go to https://www.drugs.com/dosage/inderal.html.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’m less than 18. Can I purchase Inderal?

It’s impossible to order Inderal from our online pharmacy if you haven’t reached the age of 18. Our customer support service specialists will gladly answer all your questions 24/7. You may contact us via phone call, live chat or email.

Is there any possibility to purchase Inderal from your online pharmacy if I live in Canada?

Our methods of shipment make it possible to deliver Inderal to any country including Canada. You are sure to receive the tablets in an opaque package and in the shortest terms possible. We are a reliable and legitimate online drugstore.

Can I drink alcohol during Inderal therapy?

You’d better steer clear of taking alcohol-containing beverages when on Inderal, because alcohol may intensify the fall of the blood pressure induced by medication. It may provoke vertigo, dizziness or faintness.

Isn’t it cheaper to buy Inderal from a land-based drugstore?

Definitely not. Need to pay for the rent, utility bills and salary to the pharmacists make preparations sold at ordinary drugstores much costlier. Working online, there’s no need for the pharmacy to raise the prices. Hence, having found a trustworthy seller, you get high-quality meds without compromising their quality.

What about dangerous Inderal interactions?

You shouldn’t consume alcohol when taking Inderal. Besides, you should be cautious with fatty, salty dishes and foods rich in potassium (like bananas, pears, oranges, raisins) as Inderal intake may provoke an excess of this chemical element in the blood flow. Don’t forget to inform your healthcare consultant about the remedies you take. It will save you from dangerous interactions.

How fast can I refill my Inderal tablets if I don’t have a valid prescription?

Ordering Inderal even if you don’t have a prescription is not a problem. Online medical specialists at our drugstore can consult you on symptoms of the ailment and give you the needed document online.

When is it best to take Inderal?

Not to forget to take a pill, you’d better set certain hours for this action. Inderal may be taken regardless of meals. Nevertheless, you should choose how it is better for you and stick to your decision.

Can Inderal provoke allergy?

Any preparation, including Propranolol, may cause either light, moderate or strong allergic reactions. Swelling of the tongue, throat and face, difficulty breathing and hives are common manifestations of acute allergy. Prompt medical attention is a must in such cases.

Who can take Inderal?

Individuals having changes in heart rhythm, hypertension, migraine, angina and some other health conditions may be prescribed this preparation.

Should I catch up if I’ve missed a dose?

Intake of two doses of remedy to catch up is unacceptable as it may lead to overdose. Take the drug right after you remember about it. Yet if the next scheduled intake is in less than 4 hours, skip it and return to your usual regimen.

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I take 60mg Inderal three times a day to avert a repetitive heart attack. I barely stayed alive after the first one and don’t want to go through it again. For now, my heart doesn’t disturb me and I feel calm.


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